How it Works


· Provides a great experience for visiting clients
· Easy to use for visitors and staff
· Saves businesses money
· Industrial design for highest quality

· Affordable complete system solution
· Customizable High definition Display
· Comes pre-programmed for easy installation
· First class U.S. location phone support

If you have no receptionist

If you have no receptionist

With the LobbyWizard touch screen display, clients visiting your place of business will be able to immediately notify company staff upon arrival. Even if no receptionist is available to greet them, clients will still have a welcoming experience and a professional first impression. The LobbyWizard Client Arrival Notification System will help ensure that your visitors do not become frustrated by conveying the high priority given to each office guest.

Administrator web-portal

Each LobbyWizard Lobby Check-in System has an admin log-in web portal. This personal web-page can be accessed with any type of computer or tablet that has internet access. This makes it simple to update system options, preferences and contact information. Users can easily upload contact pictures, music and video content to be streamed directly to their lobby waiting area. System information can also be accessed through the password protected set-up menu on the touch screen display for convenience. Additionally, all data is backed up and stored on a secure server.

When you have a receptionist

When you have a receptionist

The LobbyWizard will lessen the workload for receptionists by notifying company personnel of arriving clients. The simple “one-touch” feature will send a text message notification to the corresponding employee. Moreover, each text can include visitors’ contact information to allow the client to be called directly. If preferred, an alert light will also indicate that a client has arrived. The LobbyWizard makes the receptionist position much more efficient and will free up time to attend to other important tasks.

State-of-the-art reliability

Each LobbyWizard system uses the latest and most reliable wireless technology available coupled with custom built system management software to create an innovative experience that is simple to use and affordable to everyone.