Lobbywizard Features

Wireless Visitor alert lights

Plug in a wireless Alert light to your standard power outlet in each office and get visual alert when a visitor has arrived.


Personal Web portal

Sign in to your secure personal Web portal from any place with internet access to upload content and make changes to your staff such as contact names, phones, email etc. You can also make changes to system configuration and upload content. 

Music streaming

Select from five different type of music libraries to be stream at programmable times in your waiting area. Calming instrumental music content is provided by Lobbywizard at very low subscription cost.  The display has built-in speaker and for more enhanced quality sound and larger waiting area, purchase the wireless Amplifier and in-wall speaker system. You can also upload your own music library to the webportal to be played.

Text notifications

The Lobbywizard sends SMS text alerts to your smartphone when a client checks in. Conveniently reply with a phone call or text them back directly by replying to the text notification. You can assign multiple staff members to receive a text notification when a client checks in.


Cloud based backup

All LobbyWizard Visitor Alert System information is automatically stored on secure cloud servers to ensure all critical data is properly saved. These back-ups are accessible in the case of an emergency.

HIPAA Sign-in

Select ``anonymous`` sign-In option for HIPAA compliancy. Only First and Last name initials are required at sign-in to keep client information confidential. 4 more sign-in options available.

Personalize display welcome message

Customize your own welcome message as text overlay for your screen saver image. This allows businesses to quickly convey updates or news to those visiting the office who may be unaware of important information otherwise.

Customize display colors

Customize the color scheme on the touch screen display by selecting the color combinations to display to match rest of your business interiors.

Upload personal screen saver

Personalize your Lobbywizard with a branded screen saver to greet each visitor. This gives a professional first impression to any clients who may be visiting your place of business. Upload your company logo or any other image to display.

Dependable & reliable wireless technology

The LobbyWizard system uses a combination of the latest and most reliable wireless technologies. The system architecture and Visitor Management Software has been specifically designed to have self-repairing capabilities to eliminate downtime.

Control your office appliances

Plug any appliance in to a Lobbywizard Smart-plug to make them “smart appliances” allowing for more control as well as scheduled stop and start times. This can be implemented with coffee makers, table lights, floor heaters, water fountains and other appliances for increased office automation.

Weekly visitor reports

Each employee can receive a personalized private visitor report weekly via email. The system administrator can select option to receive a comprehensive report of all arrivals. This strengthens security and ITAR compliance, while assisting in client billing crosschecks.

Remote access

Update system content remotely on your secure web portal. Simple user interface allows you to update names, upload pictures, videos and music content easily. Change programmable settings and preferences remotely.

Schedule streaming video content

Display corporate videos or advertising segments on Lobbywizard display at programmable intervals. Remotely upload video content to your own secure web portal and set a schedule when video should play.

Tamper resistant wall mount

Heavy gage cold-rolled steel is used in the design of each Lobbywizard system. Sleek and tamper resistant, with heavy duty mounting screws and ideal for wall-mount configurations. Goose-neck option is also available. 

eMail notifications

When your client taps a contact name on Lobbywizard touch display, an optional email will be sent. Each email can be designated to include the visiting clients’ name, phone number, company name and more. Multiple email recipients can be listed.

Do-it-Yourself installation

No technical expertise necessary, as the Lobbywizard is an extremely easy to install wireless system. Just connect the RJ45 Ethernet cable provided in the installation kit to your existing office router for internet access. Plug in the wireless Alert lights to each office power outlet. The Lobbywizard system Alert-lights will operate even if internet access is not available. A standard 110VAC power outlet is required for both Tablet and Gateway. If no power outlet is available purchase a remote power kit for tablet and Gateway.

U.S. Customer support

Call our first class U.S. based customer support and speak to a consultant to help answer any questions you may have. They will help you select a system that fits your business needs or help answer questions if your are existing customer.