Even if no receptionist is available the Lobbywizard ensures your business provides a professional environment for your clients when visiting your business. Select the "one-tap" check-in option to simplify the check-in process and eliminate unnecessary touching of display to help prevent spread of viruses and bacteria, or select options for more detailed information needed at check-in. 



A Text message and the optional office Alert-light immediately notifies the company contact listed on the Lobbywizard display when a client has arrived in the lobby.  Tip: Add a "package delivery" contact to retrieve delivered packages promptly.

Video & Music Streaming

Music streaming creates a nice environment in the waiting area for your clients while they wait to be seen.
Select from five genres music library included or upload your own music.
Upload your video content to stream on tablet or TV screen informing clients of promotions and news while waiting to be seen.

Screen Saver


Customize your welcome message and upload your logo or other image on to the display to help your company branding efforts. You can also select the popular Lobbywizard landscape scenes that are updated monthly as screen saver images.

Smart Control


Connect your lights and appliances to  a Lobbywizard Smart-plug and program times to automatically turn on and off devices during business hours.

It saves energy and it's convenient.