The All-in-one Call button system was specifically designed with therapy centers in mind to notify providers when a client has arrived. The unique wireless Alert-lights installed in each counseling office and the HIPAA compliant check-in screen option make this a perfect system for therapy centers with multiple providers that are sharing counseling spaces. Add calming music streaming from the built-in speakers in the display to ensure clients have a great environment while waiting to be seen. 

Wireless Visitor Alert light


When in session with a client you don't want any distractions like cell phones etc.. The wireless Alert-light is a subtle indicator that your next client has arrived. Use one alert light in each counseling office that plugs in to any standard wall power outlet. You you can set a timer to turn off the light automatically to get ready for your next client.

SMS Text notification


In case you are not in the office the Lobbywizard will also send a text to your cell phone that a client has arrived. You can reply with a text message directly from your phone to your client if needed.

Music and Video Streaming


Music streaming creates a nice calming waiting area for your clients while they wait to be seen.

The music streaming helps drown out confidential conversation in adjacent therapy sessions.

Select from five genres music library included or upload your own music.

Upload your video content to stream on tablet or TV screen informing clients of promotions and news while waiting to be seen.

Screen Saver


Customize your welcome message and upload your logo or other image to display for your counseling center branding. You can also select the popular Lobbywizard landscape scenes that are updated monthly as screen saver images.