Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Question

Who can install the Lobbywizard System?

With some very basic computer or tablet knowledge (browsing a website) and basic hand tools (screwdriver and drill) you can install this yourself. All system setup can be completed through the user web portal. The system comes with everything you need including a step-by-step installation guide. Your IT technician, Electrician or PC professional will be able to install our Visitor Sign-in System in a very short period. If you are still having difficulty, speak to our customer support for additional assistance.

Can I take the Lobbywizard System with me if I move?

Yes, just unplug it and install the LobbyWizard Client Arrival Notification System in your new office.

What is max distance from Gateway to Alert-lights and Smart plugs?

The Smartplugs work as a wireless “mesh” network so max distance is not based on the location of the Gateway. The max distance is determined by the proximity of one Smartplug from another. As with all wireless technology, distance is based on signal quality, so it becomes difficult to estimate exact distances when factoring in the types of walls and layout of each office. The LobbyWizard system will tell you during installation if any of your signals are weak allowing for an arrangement that achieves maximum reliability. The system will continuously monitor the wireless signal quality and if a problem occurs it will attempt to repair itself. If the repair is unsuccessful an email alert will be sent to the system administrators.

What is needed to install the Lobbywizard System?

Internet access is needed through a standard WiFi router/access point that includes an Ethernet port (RJ45). The WiFi/access point router is typically already provided by your internet service provider. Additionally, one standard 110VAC power outlet close to the desired display location is needed to power the system. If Alert Lights are added, a 110VAC outlet is also required for each location.


Yes, you can add your own music by uploading it through your secure LobbyWizard web portal. You have 300MB of storage space available for music files. You can install a SD card to display unit to expand your storage capabilities to up to 32GB to upload additional music content.


No, LobbyWizard has the legal right to use all music provided in the LobbyWizard music library for commercial purposes. If you desire to stream your own music, check with the appropriate music license authorities for potential permission requirements and legality.

Can I change monthly subscriptions features?

Yes, you can add or remove different options if needed through your secure web portal.

What can Video streaming be used for?

The LobbyWizard system is ideal for streaming corporate content or media segments advertising new products to clients waiting in the lobby. It can also be used to convey introduction videos and the latest company news.

Who can I call with additional questions?

Call toll-free (833) 677-6677 and follow the voice prompt or email our corporate office and support team through the Contact us web-page.
We have a U.S. based technical support team to help with any questions.