The all-in-one Lobbywizard smart office system makes the receptionists job easier and more efficient to notify company staff a visitor has arrived. Making multiple phone calls to desk phones, cell phones and sending texts are no longer needed. Just one click, and Lobbywizard does the rest. This frees up time to do other important tasks and saves on company staffing cost. Swing the display around to have visitors do easy self check-in if needed.

Visitor text notification


Easily send a text notification to company contact on the Lobbywizard display that a client has arrived in the lobby.

Device smart control


Connect your lights and appliances to a Lobbywizard Smart-plug and program times to automatically turn on and off the device during business hours. It saves energy and it's convenient. This can also be used for other types of visual and audio alarms.

Video and Music Streaming


Upload video content to stream company news and advertise promotions on Lobbywizard display or TV screen. 
Stream relaxing background music in the lobby waiting area.

Alert light notification


If cellphones and text notification are not available the optional wireless Alert-light can be installed to notify company staff that a visitor has arrived.