Client Arrival Notification System

You will instantly know when your clients has arrived…!

 Benefits to your businesses


  Great high-tech experience for your visiting clients


  You know instantly when your clients have arrived


  Save staffing expense by improving efficiency


  On/Off control for lights and appliances saves energy


  Visitor log reports for improved security

Lobbywizard Key Features

This is just the beginning….

SMS text Alert

Lobbywizard sends a SMS text alert to your smartphone when Client arrives

eMail Alert

Lobbywizard sends an eMail message to you when your Client arrives.

Music streaming

Stream music in your lobby waiting area. Select from five different genres of music provided by Lobbywizard or upload your own.

Custom screensaver and welcome message

Upload your own screensaver picture or company logo and write a custom welcome message

Upload pictures of your staff

List names and upload pictures of your staff that your clients can contact

Back-up on a secure cloud server

All your Lobbywizard information is backed-up on a secure cloud server.

client arrival notification system

Customer testimonials

Introductory special pricing !

BASIC package
  • 4 pack Lobbywizzard system

  • $699/mo
    • 4 Smart plugs (1 per office)
    • 4 Wall plug Alert lights
    • 8″ High definition display
    • Tamper resistant wall mountn
    • Wireless Gateway
    • Power supplies and cabless
    • Easy do-it-yourself installation

SILVER package
  • 7 pack Lobbywizzard system

  • $799/mo
    • 7 Smart plugs (1 per office)
    • 7 Wall plug Alert lights
    • 8″ High definition display
    • Tamper resistant wall moun
    • Wireless Gateway
    • Power supplies and cables
    • Easy do-it-yourself installation

  • basic monthly subsription

  • $19.99/mo
    • Up to 10 Contact
    • Text or eMail notification
    • Personal screen saver
    • Personal screen message
    • Weekly visitor reports
    • Personal webpage
    • Personal check-in prompts

Feel free to ask about customizing our system to fit your exact business requirements.