How it Works

If you have no receptionist

If you have no receptionist

With the Lobbywizard touch screen display clients visiting your place of business will be able to immediately notify company staff on arrival. Even if no receptionist is available clients will have a professional experience and simple way to notify staff when arriving. The Lobbywizard Visitor Management System will help ensure that your clients have a great first impression and that your company places high importance on its visitors.

Administrator web-portal for set-up

Each Lobbywizard Visitor Management System has an admin log-in webpage. The webpage can be access with any type of computer or tablet that has internet access. It makes it easy to update system options and contact information as it changes. All information is backed up and stored on a secure server. The webpage is used to easily upload contact pictures, music and video content to be streamed directly to the lobby waiting area. All of the system information can also be accessed in the password protected set-up menu on touch screen display for convenience.

When you have a receptionist

When you have a receptionist

The Lobbywizard will make the job for receptionists much easier to notify company personnel of arriving clients. A simple “one-touch” will send a text notification to a persons cell phone. The text can include visitors contact information to call client directly. The Alert light in a person’s office will also indicate that a client has arrived. The Lobbywizard makes the receptionist job much more efficient and will free up time to attend to other important tasks.

State-of-the-art reliability

The Lobbywizard system uses a combination of the latest and most reliable wireless technologies available together with custom built system management software to build a state-of-the-art Visitor Management System that is simple to use and affordable to everyone.


Secure user Webportal

Feel free to ask about customizing our system to fit your exact business requirements.