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8.5 inch Lobbywizard Display and Wall-mount (replacement)


This is a replacement kit for existing customers for the Lobbywizard Display.

The 8.5 inch Touch screen display and wall mount comes with:

White powder coated bezel for wall mount. It will also fit optional Gooseneck mount (purchased separately).

10 foot power cable and Wall power supply for 110VAC standard U.S power outlet.

Includes built-in speakers to stream music (separate music subscription required).

Easily display your company branding videos or other digital signage information (separate video subscription required)


  • Increased quality and screen size (now 8 inch)
  • App Automatically launches after any Software update or Power failure.
  • Multiple phone numbers per Contact for Text notification and email.
  • Customizable colors selection for App
  • Dimming of display for non business hours for screen saver.
  • Built-in speakers for Music streaming (music subscription required)
  • New and improved Web portal
  • Upgradable to upcoming new features…stay tuned!

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This is a replacement or upgrade to legacy (pre 2021) Lobbywizard system.
If no 110VAC power outlet is available within 8 feet of display location. Purchase the “Remote power kit for Display” for powering display. This allows powering of display up to 200 ft away from a 110VAC standard power wall outlet.
A valid Subscription is required for system to operate.




Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × .5 in