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Wireless Programmable Appliance Smart plug


Automate turning your office electrical devices On and Off during business hours with the Lobbywizard Appliance control.

4 programmable timers per device to turn On and Off device automatically.

Convenience, Saves energy, Helps with security concerns

This Wireless Smart plug will plug in to a standard U.S 110V outlet. Then plug your device you want to control in to the Smartplug.


Examples of automating your office electrical devices to turn On and Off:

Turn On and Off Table lamps during business hours. Helps with security and save energy.

Turn Off coffee maker after business hours. Helps prevent device burn-out.

Turn On personal floor heater to heat up office before arriving on cold mornings.

Turn On and Off fish tanks and other water features during business hours.

ONLY use appliances with up to max:

Motor load (1 hp), Incandescent load (1200 watt), Resistive load (1500 watt)


Additional Information
Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 3 in